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Robot Holocaust (Scorpion) (Blu-Ray)

Against the decimated ruins of New York, powerful robots have seized the earth, poisoning the air and reducing humans to slaves imprisoned underground. Against hideous giant worms, flesh eating mutants and robot warriors, the nomad Neo and his robot Klyton face the evil power of The Dark One in a spectacular battle to reclaim earth for the human race.

Pandora’s Mirror (LE Slipcover Vinegar Syndrome Blu-Ray All Region)

While out for lunch with a friend, Pandora feels an unexplained compulsion to visit a small antique shop. While browsing, a large mirror catches her attention, seemingly casting a spell over her. Despite warnings by the shop keeper to be wary of its enveloping powers of sensuality, Pandora cannot overcome her strange desire to gaze into it, visiting the store again and again.

Centerspread Girls (LE Slipcover Melusine / Quality X) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Sue Forbes, editor-in-chief at Panther Magazine, one of the country’s hottest skin rags, finds herself the target of media outrage over publishing “obscene” materials, spearheaded by local political group, Morality Over Madness, or M.O.M. Ready to go to battle for her rights, Sue enlists the help of her biggest and most successful former centerfolds. Each one then sets their sights on a different board member of M.O.M., all in an effort to prove each and every one of them is far more perverted and debauched than anything Sue’s T&A mag ever dared publish!


Tale of Tiffany Lust (LE Slipcover Melusine) (4k UHD / Blu-Ray All Region)

Wanda is a hard-edged hooker who, despite having made a decent living in her trade, cannot overcome her pervasive loneliness. Willie is an illegal immigrant seeking happiness and prosperity in his adopted country, but instead finding only hardship and despair. After the two have an unlikely meeting, they hatch a plan to marry, thus getting Willie his US citizenship and Wanda a companion. Their plan seems to work at first, as the couple at last believe they’ll be able to find some contentment; that is until money runs low and both Wanda and Willie are forced back into a life of crime and wanton sex…


Firestorm (LE Slipcover Melusine / Command Cinema) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Universally acclaimed as one of the last great X rated movies to be released theatrically, Cecil Howard’s FIRESTORM brings together an incredible ensemble cast, highlighted by Kay Parker (Taboo), Sharon Mitchell (Joy), Johanna Storm (Sexcapades), Sharon Kane (Exposed), John Leslie (The Dancers), Eric Edwards (Blonde Ambition), and a guest appearance from Veronica Hart (Roommates, Boogie Nights). Dazzlingly photographed by Sven Nuvo, Command Cinema proudly presents the Blu-ray debut of this twist and turn filled, and multi award winning gem, beautifully restored in 4K from its original 35mm camera negative.

Killer Elite (LE Slipcovered Scorpion) (Blu-Ray)

Elite assassins Mike Locken and George Hansen take on jobs too risky for even the CIA to handle. They’re best friends, superior marksmen and on the A-list when it comes to killing. But when one high-powered hitman betrays another, the intrigue, the violence and the thrills become more than just a dangerous game of who-kills-whom-first

For Those Who Think Young (Scorpion Releasing) (Blu-Ray)

When some kids’ after-school hangout, the Silver Palms Club, is threatened with closure, a group of teenagers will do anything to keep it open, even blackmail. This classic “Beach Party” movie was directed by Leslie H. Martinson (Batman: The Movie, PT 109, Fathom) and features an all-star cast that includes James Darren (Gidget), Pamela Tiffin (One, Two, Three), Nancy Sinatra (Speedway), Tina Louise (The Wrecking Crew), Paul Lynde (Bye Bye Birdie), Bob Denver (TV’s Gilligan’s Island), Susan Hart (Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine) and Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist). Featuring songs by James Darren, Jimmy Griffin and Bob Denver.

Paper Tigers (Well-Go) (Blu-Ray)

As teenagers, kung fu disciples Danny (Alain Uy), Hing (Ron Yuan) and Jim (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) were inseparable. Fast forward 25 years, and each has grown into a washed-up middle-aged man seemingly one kick away from pulling a hamstring―and not at all preoccupied with thoughts of martial arts or childhood best friends. But when their old master is murdered, the trio reunites, soon learning that avenging their sifu will require conquering old grudges (and a dangerous hitman still armed with ample knee cartilage) if they are to honorably defend his legacy.


The Contract (Le Chat France) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Witness to a murder perpetrated by a Godfather, Thomas Shanard is forced to leave New York to return to Cayeux-Sur-Mer, his hometown. He is followed by two men: a police officer who is responsible for taking him back to the United States to testify, and a hitman hired by the mafia to take him down. The return of the “prodigal son” also revives conflicts in the local bourgeoisie. For Thomas, trouble is far from over…

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