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Strike Commando Pt 2 (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

Director Bruno Mattei and screenwriters Claudio Fragasso & Rossella Drudi return to the Philippine jungles with a higher budget, bigger action and Richard Harris (yes, that Richard Harris) for a crowd-pleaser that shamelessly borrows from APOCALYPSE NOW, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, RAMBO and beyond

Strike Commando (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

Two years before the deranged genius of ROBOWAR and SHOCKING DARK, writer/director Bruno Mattei and co-writers Claudio Fragasso & Rossella Drudi borrowed from RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II, MISSING IN ACTION and more to create their own mind-blowing ‘Namsploitation masterpiece

Dark of the Sun (Warner Archive) (Blu-Ray)

Take elite commandos, send them on a do-or-die assignment – and sit back and watch the action explode. The men-on-a-mission formula that worked in 1967’s The Dirty Dozen and in Where Eagles Dare (released in the U.S. in 1969) provides another salvo of volatile screen adventure with this strike force saga released in 1968.

Born to Fight (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

Shortly after completing STRIKE COMMANDO 2, director Bruno Mattei, screenwriters Claudio Fragasso & Rossella Drudi and stars Brent Huff (GWENDOLINE) & former Miss World/Bond Girl Mary Stavin immediately reloaded for another shot-in-the-Philippines exploding-hut classic

Double Target (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

When terrorist attacks ravage Southeast Asia, the U.S. government recruits former loose-cannon commando Bob Ross (O’Keeffe of TARZAN THE APE MAN and ATOR fame) to return to Vietnam, hunt down the Russian madman (Bo Svenson of THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS) responsible, rescue his long-lost Amerasian son and destroy anything that gets in his way.

Luther the Geek (Vinegar Syndrome) (DVD / Blu-Ray All Region Combo)

Slayer DVD (Anchor Bay) (NTSC Region 1)

Somewhere deep in the South American rain forest, an elite commando team led by lifelong friends Hawk (Casper Van Dien of STARSHIP TROOPERS) and Grieves (Kevin Grevioux of UNDERWORLD) are attacked by a brutal superhuman force: A flesh-ripping, blood-guzzling clan that hunts in packs

Gwendoline (Severin Limited Edition) (Blu-Ray All Region)

In the ‘70s, he created a daring new world of X-rated cinema with EMMANUELLE and THE STORY OF O. And in 1984, Just Jaeckin wrote and directed the most ambitious, audacious, fun – and final – classic of his legendary erotic career

Alien from the Abyss (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

For one of the final films of his legendary career, director Antonio Margheriti (CASTLE OF BLOOD, WAR OF THE PLANETS, CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE) headed to the Philippines to deliver “the perfect ’80s Italian popcorn flick” (Mondo Digital):

Cop Game (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

After exploding miles of Philippine jungle, director Bruno Mattei and screenwriter Rossella Drudi borrow the plot of OFF LIMITS for an action-thriller that blasts more than just bamboo huts

Raiders of Atlantis (Severin) (Blu-Ray)

’80s exploitation maestro Ruggero Deodato (CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST) fuses high-concept sci-fi adventure with low-brow gorehound horror for the “utterly unhinged cine-spectacle” (The Spinning Image) that must be seen to be believed

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