10 Killers Come From Afar/ A Few Dollars for Django (Wild East) (NTSC All Region)


Double feature of Anthony Steffen westerns courtesy of Wild East !

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10 Killers Come From Afar (Dallas РIl mio nome ̬ Scopone e faccio sempre cappotto)

Anthony Steffen, Fernando Sancho, Ricardo Palacios, Robert Hundar, Gillian Hills, Indio Gonzales, Furio Meniconi, Attilio Severini, Juan Torres, Juan M. Solano, Ricardo Moyan, Sergio Dore, Karin Heske
Directed by Juan Bosch

Dallas tries to regain his father’s farm which he lost in a card game with Kelly. But Kelly is now dead and his daughter, Glenda, doesn’t know how to play poker. There are also rumors of a hidden treasure.

A Few Dollars for Django

Anthony Steffen (as Antony Steffen) as Django
Frank Wolff as Jim Norton / Trevor Norton
Gloria Osuna as Sally Norton
Ennio Girolami (as Thomas Moore) as Sam Lister
José Luis Lluch as Buck Dago
Alfonso Rojas as Amos Brownsberg
Sandalio Hernández as Smitty
José Luis Lizalde (as Tomas Lizalde) as Judge’s Assistant
à ngel Ter as Judge
Joaquín Parra as Freeman (uncredited)
Directed by Enzo G. Castellari

A bounty killer (Anthony Steffen aka Antonio De Teffè) gets caught in a cattle war, when he is searching for the last member of a gang of robbers in a small Montana town, where the twin brother (Frank Wolff) of the bandit lives.

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