Children of the Stones (PAL All Region)


What is the secret the townspeople of Milbury are hiding, and what is the supernatural power behind the ancient stones that surround the village? Creepy sci-fi/horror mini-series starring Blake 7`s Gareth Thomas.

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What is the powerful force that seems to have taken hold of the village of
Milbury? Why are the people acting so strangely and why do they greet each
other with a trancelike ‘happy day’? These are the questions
facing Matthew and his father soon after their arrival. The answers lie in
the giant ancient stones that surround the village – a circle from which
there may be no escape. Gareth Thomas (Blake’s 7) stars in this
cult tale of the supernatural, originally broadcast in 1977.
  • Import DVD
  • PAL All Region
  • Seven Episode Series
  • Interview with Gareth Thomas
  • Interview with producer/director Peter Graham Scott
  • Production photo gallery
  • Production notes


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