Frauenlager Double Feature DVD (PAL All Region)


Double feature DVD featuring Terror in a Woman’s Prison and Godfrey Ho’s Commando Fury

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Terror in a Woman’s Prison (Aka Terror in Frauenlager)

Three women captured and imprisoned by a gang of white slavers lead a bloody rebellion, aided by a detective investigating the gang

Bonus Film (in SD VHS Quality)

Godfrey Ho’s Commando Fury (Aufstand im Frauenlager)

PAL DVD All Region

English Audio on Both Features


Terror in the women’s camp (engl., 3:10 min.)

Uprising in the women’s camp (engl., 3:18 min.)

Macho Man (3:16 min.)

Amulet of Death (Eng., 1:06 min.)

The Naked and the Beasts (Ger., 2:21 min.)

The net (German, 3:08 min.)


various covers and AHF (self-running, 1:24 min.)

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