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Legend of Suram Fortress (NTSC Region 1)


Double feature DVD featuring 2 great films for director Sergei Paradjanov – Legend of Suram Fortress and Ashik Kerib

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(The Legend of Suram Fortress) – Based on an ancient legend, this
dazzling film by visionary director Sergei Paradjanov (Shadows Of Our
Forgotten Ancestors
) is a surreal ode to Georgian warriors throughout the
ages who died for their country. Repeated efforts by the Georgian people to
construct a defensive stronghold continually fail. The building collapses until
a fortune teller remembers an old prophecy that the son of her erstwhile lover
must be bricked up alive in order for the fortress to stand. The young man is
faced with the prospect of sacrificing himself to save his country.

(Ashik Kerib) – From Sergei Paradjanov (The Legend of Suram
Fortress, Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors
) one of the most acclaimed
experimental directors of the Soviet cinema, comes Ashik Kerib, a 19th
Century romantic tale evocatively brought to life.

In recounting Lermontov’s fable of a wandering minstrel trying to earn enough
money to marry the girl he loves, Paradjanov dispenses with conventional
storytelling devices in order to present a boldly unique cinematic experience.
Glorious tableaux, exquisitely composed, choreographed and photographed, are
combined with intertitles, images of early Russian artwork and a haunting blend
of traditional and contemporary musical forms, to create an enthralling and
utterly unforgettable film.

Ashik Kerib
Director: Sergei Paradjanov
Country: U.S.S.R.
Year: 1988
This shimmering spectacle resembles a medieval manuscript brought to life
in its tale of a wandering minstrel in search of his lost love. Armenia.
1988. 78 mins. Color. Russian w/ English subtitles.
The Legend Of
Suram Fortress
Director: Sergei Paradjanov
Country: U.S.S.R.
Year: 1985
Paradjanov’s first film after more than a decade of persecution and
imprisonment is based on an ancient Georgian legend about unrequitted
love. Armenia. 1985. 78 mins. Color. Georgian w/English Subtitles.
  • NTSC Region 1
  • Double Feature DVD
Weight 5 oz
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