Texas Detour Double Feature (Code Red) (Blu-Ray All Region)


Double feature Blu-Ray from Code Red with Texas Detour & Cuba Crossing

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Texas Detour / Cuba Crossing (Code Red) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Texas Detour HD

In this exciting adventure,  macho Stuntman (Patrick Wayne, SINBAD THE EYE OF THE TIGER) his brother (Mitch Vogel, HUNTER’S BLOOD) and sister (LINDSAY BLOOM, TV’s MIKE HAMMER)  are traveling cross country when their van is stolen. They ask a small-town sheriff (R.G. ARMSTRONG, JOCKS, MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS) for help, but he refuses, So the unlucky threesome decide to work as farm hands for arrogant, overbearing, ill-tempered rich John Hunter (Cameron Mitchell, SILENT SCREAM, KILLPOINT) . Clay develops a romance with Hunter’s daughter Claudia (Priscilla Barnes, TV’s THREE COMPANY). Unfortunately, Hunter’s vile degenerate son Beau ( Anthony James, FIFTH FLOOR, TEACHER) wants to give the three new stranger in town a hard time. Rock tunes by ex-Turtles and former Frank Zappa back-up singers Flo and Eddie!   Directed by exploitation king Howard Avedis (MORTUARY, SCORCHY, TEACHER).   CODE RED is proud to present this drive-in classic from A BRAND NEW 2K SCAN of  original 35mm Camera Negatives!



Hud (Robert Vaughn, Bullitt, The Statue, Man from UNCLE)  is an American who survived the Bay of Pigs Invasion and has sworn revenge against Fidel Castro. Many years later he gets his chance when he is engaged by Mr Rossellini (Michael Gazzo, Academy Award nominee Godfather 2 ) who blames Castro for his losses when he and his gambling enterprises had to leave Cuba and the mysterious Mr. Bell (Raymond StJacque, Cotton comes to Harlem) who finances Hud for a mission to Cuba. Hud plans to bring a father and son pair of sharpshooters to kill Castro when he stays at a hotel on the Isla de Pinos. Through Rossellini, Hud hires bar owner and ship’s captain Tony (Stuart Whitman, Strange Shadows in an Empty Room, Assault on Paradise)  to bring his men ashore but the enterprise is fraught with betrayal.

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