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Searching for Bobby Fischer (Imprint Blu-Ray All Region)

Josh Waitzkin is a typical seven-year-old who happens to be a chess prodigy. His father, a sportswriter, is determined to see his son become a champion. Searching for Bobby Fischer is about their heartwarming journey of discovery, as a father and son learn the one thing neither can afford to lose: their love for each other.


Searching for Cannibal Holocaust (Blu-Ray All Region)

New documentary about CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST with over 2 ½ hours of bonus material including new interviews with Ruggero Deodato, Carl Gabriel Yorke and Ronaldo Blanco (one of the cannibals from the film), and much more.

In Search of Dracula (Kino) (Blu-Ray)

The blood-curdling truth behind the legendary vampire! Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains of the Transylvanian region of Romania is the castle that once was the stronghold of Vlad Dracula. Indeed, Dracula did exist, but unlike the blood-sucking monster of popular myth, the real Dracula was a fifteenth-century prince who tortured and killed thousands—savagely impaling his victims on sharpened spikes.

Blood Of The Chupacabras: Double Feature (Visual Vengeance) (Blu-Ray All Region)

Double Feature Blu-ray includes the shot on video horrors Blood of the Chupacabras (2003) and its sequel Revenge of the Chupacabras (2005). BLOOD: A group of local townsfolk are led by a treasure hunter into a nearby mine in search of gold but encounter a vampiric Chupacabras monster. REVENGE: A detective in search of a missing college student is lured by a madman into the lair of the fabled Chupacabras monster.

Man From Nowhere (4k UHD / Blu-Ray) Preorder

Ex-special agent Cha Tae-shik’s only connection to the world is So-mi, the little girl who lives next door. When her mother steals from a drug trafficking organization, they kidnap her and her daughter. Tae-shik is suddenly drawn back into his old life in a frantic search to save his friend, but now has both the police and underground crime mob on his trail. While she is still nowhere to be found, he continues his search, but his hidden past is slowly revealed.



Top Line (Cauldron Films LE Slipcase Blu-Ray)

Down and out author Ted Angelo (Franco Nero – Django) finds a U.F.O. while searching a cave for treasure. When he tries to warn the media, he soon becomes hunted by various clandestine organizations, but with the help of his new friend, June (Deborah Moore – Warriors of the Apocalypse), they search for the truth while evading certain death. Have the Aliens taken over the world? I want to believe!



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