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Super violent Japanese heist film that successfully crosses Reservoir Dogs and The Killer. Don`t miss this one!

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Somewhere in Southeast Asia, Chance, a Japanese man convicted for a string of armed robberies, is released from prison on bail. Colonel, the mobster who bailed him out, forces Chance to become his pet-by robbing one bank after another and handing over the loot until his bail is paid in full. When Chance gets instructions for a new job, a jewel heist, he is finally promised his freedom. But he’ll need the help of the three additional men to complete the job, Chance’s old buddies: Peking Duck, Right and Tequila. But Chance and the Colonel have a secret deal going. The moment the robbery is completed, they plan to double-cross the three recruits and leave them dead at their rendezvous. However, as Chance and his gang await the Colonel, an unexpected couple ventures into the scene and attack the four robbers in an attempt to grab the stolen jewels. The madness expands into a three way melee between the four robbers, the bizarre couple and the Colonel with his henchman escalating into an all out blood drenched finale!

  • NTSC / Region 1
  • Widescreen
  • Unrated
  • English Subs

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